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Watch List Wednesday - Recently Added Edition

By Matt Brethour

Watch List Wednesday - Recently Added Edition

It's #WatchListWed! And I've got some new movie and TV show recommendations from each of the top 3 streaming services; Netflix, Crave, and Amazon Prime Video.

Today marks the first Wednesday of a brand new month. April was a tough month for just about everyone, so I have compiled a list of recommendations to help us all start fresh in May!

All of my movie and TV show picks this week have been recently added to their respective streaming services.

This list includes some brand new shows, a movie from 2013 that you’ve likely never heard of, and has some serious binge-watching potential if you’re looking to kick-back on the couch for a few hours.

Without further ado, here are my Recently Added #WatchListWed recommendations of the week!


  Movie – Ocean's 8 

(If you’re up for a marathon, start with Ocean’s Eleven (you can rent it on YouTube), next watch Ocean’s Twelve (Netflix) and then Ocean’s Thirteen (Netflix) and then cap it all off by watching Ocean’s 8) 

  TV Show – The Last Dance (1 season) 


  Movie - The Way Way Back  

  TV Show – Westworld (3 seasons)


  Movie – Zombieland Double Tap

(If you haven’t seen the 1st movie, Zombieland, watch it first on Netflix) 

  TV Show - Upload (1 season) 

As enjoyable as flopping on the couch and watching criminal heists for hours on end can be, try to mix in some sunlight. If you're looking to feel productive while enjoying the nice weather, check out some of our Spring Cleaning Tips!

You can always come back to this list (and your couch) when those Spring Showers start back up.

Please, feel free to comment your own #WatchListWed recommendations below!


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