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Protect the contents of your home, and the investments you've made in it with comprehensive Condo insurance from Brown & Brethour in Sunderland, Ontario.

Smart Insurance for Condo Owners

Brown & Brethour offers comprehensive insurance coverage for condo owners. We'll help you rest easy in the knowledge that the contents of your home, and the investments you've made in it, are well protected.

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Do I need condo insurance?

Many condo owners and renters believe that, because the condominium corporation carries insurance on the building, they don't need to worry about household insurance.

But in fact, the insurance on the building does not cover the contents of your home, any renovations you've made, or claims made against you personally.

Condo insurance is not mandatory, but it can be essential in your economic recovery in case of a loss. We'll help you build a personalized plan that covers your home just the way it needs to be covered.

Types of condo insurance:

  • All-Risk Coverage
  • Personal Liability 
  • Contents Insurance
  • Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Additional Living Expenses Coverage
  • Improvements and Betterments Protection 
  • Loss Assessment

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