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Watch List Wednesday - Healthcare Heroes Edition

By Matt Brethour

Watch List Wednesday - Healthcare Heroes Edition

It's #WatchListWed! And I've got some new movie and TV show recommendations from each of the top 3 streaming services; Netflix, Crave, and Amazon Prime Video.

This week I am dedicating my recommendations to all of the brave healthcare workers who are in the trenches battling this Pandemic.

Each of my selections this week take place in a healthcare setting and/or involve characters who embody the characteristics of a healthcare hero.

Although most of the following movies and TV shows fall under the Drama genre, I managed to include some serious action, and even some much needed comedic relief. And before you jump to conclusions, you will not find Grey’s Anatomy on this list (Netflix, 15 seasons).

Here are my Healthcare Heroes #WatchListWed Recommendations of the week, enjoy! 


  Movie – Hacksaw Ridge

  Movie - Point Blank

  TV Show – Medical Police (1 season)


  TV Show – Nurse Jackie (7 seasons)


  Movie – Five Feet Apart

  TV Show - House (8 seasons)

Thank you to all of our Healthcare Heroes! 

Please, feel free to comment your own #WatchListWed recommendations below!


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