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Watch List Wednesday - Sports Fix Edition

By Matt Brethour

Watch List Wednesday - Sports Fix Edition

It's #WatchListWed! And I've got some new movie and TV show recommendations from each of the top 3 streaming services; Netflix, Crave, and Amazon Prime Video.

Each week I’ve chosen a theme to base my recommendations on, and since we’ve been stripped from our ability to enjoy live sporting events, I thought I’d recommend some sports flicks and TV shows to help you get your fix.

Now, as a sports fan (movies, TV, and the real deal) narrowing my recommendations to just one movie per streaming service was difficult. There are just so many classics and blockbusters to choose from.

So, I tried to choose titles that your average sports movie enthusiast maybe hasn’t discovered yet, featuring high school volleyball, international rugby, and Olympic wrestling. All of which are based on real life events.

Picking TV shows was also challenging, but more for the lack of options than anything else. Two of my three recommendations are documentary series, and the other provides a unique, not for the family, look into the lives of professional athletes.

Here are my Sports Fix #WatchListWed Recommendations of the week!


Movie – The Miracle Season

TV Show – Last Chance U (4 seasons/parts)


Movie – Invictus

TV Show – Ballers (5 seasons)


Movie – Foxcatcher

TV Show – All or Nothing (5 NFL seasons)


Bec's recommendation might not fit the "Sports Theme" but it's an absolute must watch! 

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (Netflix, Limited Docu-Series, 8 episodes

Here's to hoping we can enjoy some live sports soon, but until then, enjoy!

And please, feel free to comment your own #WatchListWed recommendations below!


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